Greetings Cards | The Perfect Way to Send a Little Love!

At The Bijoux Magpie we aim to make gifting our unique handcrafted jewellery easy and together with our Gift Wrapping Service the addition of a Personalised Luxury Greetings Card completes our gifting service perfectly. Whether you choose to have your gift delivered directly to the recipient or to your own address, we are confident you will love the convenience of this special service.

Luxury Greetings Card, Personalised Greetings Card
Personalised Luxury Greetings Card – Mad About You ‘Super Hero’

Defined by Encyclopaedia Britannica as “an illustrated message that expresses, either seriously or humorously, affection, good will’ gratitude, sympathy, or other sentiments.”  Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Births, marriages, retirements and deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mother’s Day, Fathers Day and Valentines Day. Even in these days of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the sending of a thoughtfully chosen and written card remains for many the sincerest way of showing someone close that they are significant, they matter, and we want to share the emotion of the moment.

The exchange of illustrated greetings amongst friends dates back thousands of years to the Chinese and the Egyptians, the latter of whom exchanged symbolic presents such as scent bottles and scarabs inscribed “au ab nab” or “all good luck”. The Romans also exchanged Strenae, originally branches of laurel or olive, which may have been coated with gold leaf.

Luxury Greetings Card, Personalised Luxury Greetings Card
Personalised Luxury Greetings Card – You are Lovely

Forward to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in Europe, when master wood engravers produced labour-intensive and prohibitively expensive inscribed prints with the same objective as today’s Christmas and New Year cards. In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries copperplate engravers produced prints and calendars for the New Year, and greetings by organisation, merchants and tradesmen were common.

It was Sir Henry Cole, a multi-talented publisher, designer and writer, who is credited with two undertakings that gave birth to the greetings card as it is known in the twenty first century. In 1840 he was instrumental in revamping the postal system and creating the first self-adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black. Then, in 1843, Cole was just too busy to write Christmas greeting cards for his friends and family; it was the custom then to hand write each one individually. Cole hired London artist John Calcott Horsley to design a card for him. It was a triptych, a three-panelled picture hinged vertically, with scenes on the side panels depicting the charitable essence of the season and in the centre the message, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To You” under a colourful drawing of a celebrating family. Horsley made one thousand lithographic copies of the card and hand coloured each one himself. Those that Cole did not himself send were sold in his Bond Street art shop.

Luxury Greetings Card, Personalised Greetings Card
Personalised Luxury Greetings Card – You are Lovely

According to a report, UK Greeting Card Market Report, published in September 2017 by the Greeting Card Association, the UK market is now worth £1.75 billion, excluding the sales of box sets. The desire to mark events, share sympathy or joy, express love and devotion in a meaningful and thoughtful way remains constant.

The selection of Luxury Greeting Cards from The Bijoux Magpie allow for the celebration and expression of sentiments with the enhancement of personalisation.

Handcrafted by The Bijoux Magpie from premium quality 300gsm Silkweave White textured folded card that has a subtle ‘raw silk’ like embossing on the outside.

Beautifully finished with a coordinating 100gms Silkweave White softly textured paper insert.

The paper insert features a smaller version of the front cover image on its bottom right hand corner.

Each card arrives with a matching white presentation envelope and protected by a clear sleeve.

All our cards are embellished with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Why not add a magical surprise to your card by including an enchanting Magic Butterfly® Flying out of your card at just the right moment to the delight of your unsuspecting recipient.

magic butterfly, greetings card
Magic Butterfly®

All our jewellery is available with Free Standard Delivery on all UK orders.


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