The Bijoux Magpie Launches Live Chat!

Question? | We Have The Answers!

At The Bijoux Magpie we guarantee quality, personal service and attention to detail; and believe that your experience of buying our Unique Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery should be a positive one, or we will do what it takes to make it right.

We always strive to offer the best, most complete customer experience in order to make buying jewellery from The Bijoux Magpie convenient, secure and with the aim that, as far as possible, a visit to The Bijoux Magpie feels as warm and engaged as if we are sat together around your kitchen table.

With this in mind live chat is now available on The Bijoux Magpie website, giving you immediate access to help. You can connect with us in real time, providing you with immediate answers to any questions you may have regarding our jewellery or any of the additional services we offer to completely personalise your unique purchase and ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Lets Talk Picture

In addition to the availability of Live Chat on our website, The Bijoux Magpie are excited to announce the imminent launch of our App on IOS and android. With so many people exploring and experiencing our Unique Jewellery through their mobile devices this is designed to simplify and further enhance your journey with us wherever you are. We offer you immediate and interactive access to The Bijoux Magpie with simple navigation to the rich visual and textual descriptions of the treasures on offer, and a wealth of background information that surrounds the gems produced by nature and refined by man.

The Bijoux Magpie App

We hope you enjoy our Live Chat whether you are using a mobile, desktop or tablet and we will announce the launch of our App on IOS and android shortly. The App will be available in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

In the meantime you can shop our beautiful jewellery collections at The Bijoux Magpie

Enjoy! x

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