The Bijoux Magpie #QueenOf Expressing Individuality

Proud To Have Won This Fantastic Twitter Award

queen of instagram

On Thursday evening we entered the #QueenOf competition on Twitter and won!

This is a terrific opportunity that supports and celebrates small business and as a winner we received our custom #QueenOf badge that can be used on our website and across all our social media channels, a place on the winners website, The Royal Connection and support across social media in the form of retweets and access to the networking groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

#Queenof day takes place every Thursday 9am – 9pm on Twitter with Andy Quinn @ADG_IQ

#theroyalconnectionhour takes place every Wednesday 9 – 10pm for #QueenOf and #KingOf Winners.

Here’s Our Winning Tweet:


It’s official The Bijoux Magpie #QueenOf Expressing Individuality!

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