Fabulous Fordite

A Truly Individual Piece of Jewellery!

Fordite, also known as Motor Agate, is undoubtedly a unique and increasingly rare automotive enamel material with a fascinating origin.

Its psychedelic swirls and layers of colours could easily be mistaken for jasper or Mexican crazy lace agate.

However, although Fordite can be cut and polished and crafted into beautiful jewellery, it is not a gemstone but the build up of layers of dried paint or ‘rough’, the by-product of hand spray painting automobiles built in large factories that are now long gone.

The 1930’s brought with it the realisation of Fordite with the invention of the ‘spray gun’.
The automotive components were guided on tracks and skids from the painting bays to the ovens to bake on the paint.

The build up of over-sprayed paint on these tracks and skids were hardened repeatedly in the ovens and eventually obstructed the production process and had to be removed.

This process of repeatedly baking the over sprayed paint led to a stable product suitable for cutting and polishing into Fordite.

As word spread about this striking material, it is said that people would turn up to the automobile factories offering to remove the troublesome paint.

With the modernisation of car production in the late 1970’s, the methods that created this extraordinary material are no longer in practice. With its psychedelic patterns and pops of colour. this rare material makes a truly individual and wearable piece of jewellery.

All our Fordite is genuine and we use 1960’s Fordite, hand cut and polished here in the UK and the by-product of hand painting Ford Trucks in Kentucky, USA. Each Piece of our Fordite jewellery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The layers of paint can contain grey primer layers between the vivid colours and as in most of our Fordite, shiny flecks of metallic paint.

Fordite is a generic term that refers to the by-product of automobile spray painting and by definition is a recycled product.

Owning a piece of this unique and exceptional material is an experience that is rooted in nostalgia!

You can find our stunning collection of unique Fordite jewellery here.

We hope you love it!

Photographs by Chris Davies

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